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Summer 2022 Internship
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need to talk about my experience in child welfare?

    • You will never be asked to share your experience.  If you choose to do so, we will listen with an open mind and heart. 


  • I am concerned about not having any research experience.  Is it necessary?

    • You do not need any research experience.  We will be teaching you! 

  • I was in kinship care/was adopted/aged out/was reunified, etc. Am I still eligible to apply for this internship? 

    • Yes.  Regardless of your lived experience in the child welfare system, you are welcome.  


  • What is the application process?

    • First-round is to complete the Amplify Application

    • Second round is a written Q&A

    • Third round is an interview with the Research Team

    • Final round is an interview with a member of the Executive Team

  • I am not interested in becoming a researcher. May I still participate?

    • Absolutely!  This internship does not require research experience nor do we require that a person become a researcher in order to participate. 

  • I have not attended college. Will that make it harder for me to get accepted into this program?

    • No.  The mission and vision of this program are to amplify persons with lived experience in child welfare.  Outside of such, we are looking for persons with strong communication skills, time management, and multitasking skills. 

  • I am an international student.  May I participate in the program?


  • I will need accommodation(s).  How will this be handled?

    • Please email us with your accommodation need(s)


  • What does the “work” of the program entail?

    • This internship is an 8-week program that is essentially an interactive, intensive introduction on a myriad of child welfare topics.  The program will include hearing from experts, journaling, reading, and a ton of FUN.  We pinky swear on the “fun.”  


  • How does the flexible schedule work?

    • A flexible schedule means that you will primarily work the hours in which you are most productive outside of any set meeting times or collective learning opportunities. If you do your best work from 1 am to 5 am, then you are welcome to do so.  However, we do have set team meetings to have time with the team to train and bond.  In addition, deadlines must be met and require collaboration with a cohort member or working directly with the Research Team.  In those instances, it will require flexibility on your part to ensure that the deadlines are met.


  • How do meetings work when everyone is on a flexible schedule?

    • There will be instances where meetings will have required attendance, as well as those that are optional. Regardless, it will be communicated. 


  • What could a typical week look like?

    • There is no typical week, as tasks will vary depending on project deadlines. However, each week includes a combination of learning and hands-on training.

  • May I take time off (vacation or sick)?

    • Yes. We understand that people will have time off.  We just ask that it is communicated in advance so that we may plan accordingly.  Please note that any “vacation” time will not be paid.  


  • Do I need to have a laptop?

    • No, because we are providing a technology stipend to each participant.  This stipend can be used to purchase a laptop for use during the program.  We ask that the computer be able to conduct video conferencing, access web-based applications, and work within the Google Suite & Microsoft Office.  


  • What are past Amplify participants up to now?

    • We are proud to say that several of our past participants still work with us today. Those that do not are working within systems such as child welfare and health. Others are working to complete their educational pursuits/goals.

  • Where is Spark (Amplify) physically located?

    • In the ether of the internet; but on paper, Northern California. 

Still have questions? Click here to send us an email.

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