Inspiring change within organizations by making skill acquisition fun


Dr. April Allen

Part teacher, part coach, part game show host. I am an innovative strategist and engaging facilitator with more than a decade of experience in human services research and policy. 

Our Approach

We know that when you make learning relevant and fun, transformation happens. Our team delivers customized training, data analysis, and coaching to empower organizations and professionals to do their best work.


The common thread of our work is organizational learning: helping individuals and organizations adapt to changing environments through collecting, interpreting, and applying the lessons learned from data. This process has a lot in common with a murmuration of starlings. A single bird flies while recognizing and adapting to others and the external environment. Let us help realize new and exciting possibilities for your organization.

The Spark Learning Experience

"I enjoyed how the training was made applicable to work we do and often in a fun way. Knowing that extra support is available without fear of judgement is also very helpful."


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